Breastfeeding… PUBLIC !!??!!

It has been 7 years since I had to breastfeed, so now that I’m doing it again here are some thoughts and dilemmas I go through on a daily basis if I have to leave the house !!

  • BreastFeeding ROCKS !!

I am an advocate of Breastfeeding but it seems lately that there have been so many stories about the backlash that breastfeeding mothers get when they are feeding their babies in public. I commend women that “whip it out” in public and get the job done. Me on the other hand I get shy about it and usually find my way to my car to “take care of business”. I am working on being better about feeding my son in public, and I will get to that point because in the end it’s not about what people think or how they feel about it,its your job as a parent to provide for your child.

At the hospital when I had Knight he latched right out of the womb. I was so relieved because he was only 4 lbs 8 oz. Within 3 weeks of his birth he had already gained a pound and that was with breastfeeding only.


  • The Benefits are astronomical

The don’t call Breast Milk liquid gold for nothing !! With Antibodies and nutrients perfect for newborns and preemies, it is the ultimate newborn food. The cells, hormones, and antibodies in breast milk protect babies from illness, and so many other great benefits(To many to list here ) . Check out for more info

  • Bonding

To be able to go through the process of being born(and giving birth) and then be put on your breast has a calming effect for baby and mom…You start the bonding process right away. The first face they see is yours and the first nutrients they receive to start their lives ,you supply.

  • Benefits for US moms

Breastfeeding  saves so much money compared to buying formula. All you would need is time a breast pump and milk storage bags  !! Oh yea you will also need a breastfeeding wrap or a baby blanket for those times when you are in public !!


Breastfeeding to me just fits and it makes sense. Not everyone will be able or willing to breastfeed, but we should all respect and cheer on a mom who is doing what nature intended.



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