DIY Stovetop Home Scents

I love this time of year (even though its still eighty degrees here☺) when the spiced cider stocks the shelves, pumpkin is in everything from cheesecake to latte’s and the air wafts the wonderful smell of spices. I love to boil water on the stove and in the summer time peppermint would keep the flies at bay and lemon was an energizing and refreshing scent to come home to after a long hot day. Well here are a few ideas for the upcoming winter season to try. You should have most of these ingredients in your pantry and if you don’t they are not hard to get. Let me know if you have any other scent combinations !!


orange peel + rosemary + cloves
apple slices + vanilla extract or bean + cinnamon sticks
lemon peel + peppercorns + rosemary
cranberries + orange peel + rosemary + bay leaves
lemon peel + cinnamon sticks + bay leaves + whole clove

These can also be made in a crockpot for longer lasting fragrance cider


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