I LOVE the idea of random acts of kindness or paying it forward. What better way to wake up, know you will enrich or even change some ones life by a gesture that comes straight from your heart !! These are the things that create memories , sparks imagination and opens hearts..I put hearts by some of the ones we can do without much effort (except love) …Check out this awesome list I found and go out and be profound !!! BE THE LIGHT YOU WANT TO SEE !!! ♥♥


Practice random acts of kindness this week to help you get  into the habit of doing kind things all year long.

1. Pay for someone’s gasoline bill anonymously the next time you are filling up your car’s tank.

2. Make it a point to smile at everyone you see  and pass by today.♥

3.Drive safely and be courteous. When another driver makes a minor driving  error, instead of showing anger or aggression, give them a smile or a wave  gesture letting them know you understand.♥

4. When visiting a patient at the hospital, take some time and stop into  some ones room who does not have any visitors at the time.

5. Invite a couple of neighborhood kids over for a cooking class.

6. Collect can goods for a food bank.♥

7. Leave a note in your mailbox letting the mail delivery person know you  appreciate them and all their hard work.♥

8. Clean up litter on a street in your neighborhood.♥

9. Put together a neighborhood “clean-up” day where everyone gathers to  pick-up trash and to do minor clean-up or improvement tasks. At the end of the  day, have a friendly pot-luck dinner. Be sure to talk with neighbors and/or put  out flyer’s announcing the event.

9. Drop off a plant or some home-made  baked goods to your local police or fire department.

10. Say something nice to everyone you meet today.♥

11. Provide a neighborhood child with homework help.

12. Leave a kind note for a family member or friend.♥

13. Tell you’re children/grandchildren why you love them.♥

14. Clean graffiti off your neighborhood buildings or walls.

15. Organize a sing-a-long at a local senior center or stop by to play the  piano for the residents. Just holding someones hand and listening to what they  want to talk about or praying with them means so much.

16. Shovel snow for a neighbor.

17. Cheer up a friend you know who needs it by surprising them with a quiet  lunch out and listen to what they need to talk about. Think about what is  bothering them and try to offer something to help them with their issue.

18. Donate blood.♥

19. Hug a family member.♥

20. Smile and say “Hello” to people you don’t know.♥

21. Offer to babysit for free. Perhaps you know a couple or a single parent  who could really use a short break.♥

22. Offer someone behind you in the grocery check-out line to go in front of  you.

23. Pat someone on the back.

24. Volunteer to read to students at a near-by school. Volunteer once a  month to provide instruction and guidance in the schools art department.

25. Open the car door for your passenger.

26. Pull out someone’s chair for them at the dinner table.

27. Wash a neighbors vehicle.

28. Take a neighbors newspaper laying out on their driveway to them or leave  it at their front door.

29. Ask your child to mow a neighbors lawn or wash their car and then pay  them when they finish.

30. Let a neighbor know how much you value their friendship. When preparing  dinner make extra and drop it off for them.♥

31. Let a manager know you compliment a sales clerk for their pleasant or  helpful service.♥

32. Give your pocket change to someone who is needing it.

33. Pick up small florist vases at thrift stores or yard sales for about 10  cents each. Then, buy wrapped flowers for a few more dollars. Now, arrange the  flowers in the vases. Get the local phone book out, pick a few names and deliver  the vases to their door step anonymously. Do this early in the morning before  everyone is awake.

34.Print up some inspiring signs and post them around town.♥

35.Leave your change in the soda or snack vending machine for the next  person. It’s a nice surprise.♥

36. Purchase a meal for a homeless person.

37. If you’re a boss of a company – allow your employees to leave a half  hour early as a surprise.

38. If you’re a boss – send employees an e-card letting them know how much  you appreciate them.

39. If you see you’re neighbor hasn’t set his or her trash can out for that  mornings pick-up, wheel it out to the curb yourself.♥

40. Add some quarters to a parking meter you notice one is getting low.♥

41. Pay for the persons order behind you when in a drive-through at a fast  food place.♥

42. Leave a few cans of opened cat food for the stray cats that hang out in  shopping parking lots.

43. Leave change in a public pay phone.

44. Do as many things as you can by being anonymous. It’s a wonderful  feeling.♥

45. Run an errand for someone.

46. Offer to pick up a friend or a neighbors children from school or  daycare.♥

47. Make an extra serving when preparing dinner and take to a homeless  person in your area.

48. Take a parent out to dinner to their favorite restaurant.

49. Call a parent just to say you love them.♥

50. Take blankets or warm clothing to a homeless person.

51. Connect someone who is homebound to the Internet. Purchase them a  laptop.

52. Contact your community action program to find out if someone who is in  need of some assistance and provide it for them.

53. Help an elderly person care for their pet(s).♥

54. Purchase a couple extra bags of dog or cat food and take to the animal  shelter.♥

55. Volunteer to help at an animal shelter.♥

56. Help someone you know with finding a solution for a dilemma your aware  they have.

57. Watch someone’s children for a couple you feel needs some alone time.

58. Take a meal to a family you know.

59. Check in on someone you know is alone.

60. Offer to pump someone’s gas at the station. If you can, pay for it.

61. Get your youth group together to pump everyone’s gas for an hour or two  at the nearest gas station.

62. If you notice a neighbors lawn is becoming over-grown that otherwise has  been nicely groomed in the past, go mow it without them being aware.

63. Send a bouquet of flowers to a hospital and let the staff know it should  go to someone who doesn’t receive any visitors and is alone.♥

64. Stop into a nursing home just to  spend a little time with the residents. Find out if you can bring a dog you own  that would be great with elderly folks. The residents would love to interact  with the dog. Petting a dog can bring a sense of peace and calmness to those who  are agitated.

65. Drop off books and magazines to hospitals, nursing homes and doctors  offices.♥

66. Sponsor an eye surgery for someone who is blind in an underdeveloped  country.

67. Donate to local causes you hear about of families in need. Make a micro loan to an individual in a foreign  country. If you can, help someone in your own country with a financial issue.

68. Volunteer at a hospice.

69. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.

70. Send flowers to a teacher who has dedicated their life to educating  children. ♥


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