DIY…..ENEMA !!!! Yes you can !!

I went to a meeting and was told about the joys and benefits of a coffee enema. Of course MS. DIY was hot on the case to research it as well as see what other kinds of enemas were able to be made and used. I went to my local grocery store and picked up a store brand enema kit. It was a saline solution kit and came with 2 bottles. I also have a hanging enema bag but decided to use the bottles for this recipe !! Here are a few recipes you can try. Enemas are used to cleanse the rectum, relieve constipation  and  detoxify the body, and for diagnostic procedures. Enemas are also used as a form  of alternative medicine and as an effective home remedy

Check out these recipes :

Sodium Phosphate

  • Disposable enemas are often sodium phosphate-based. Sodium  phosphate enemas are  used to relieve constipation and cleanse the rectum before medical  examinations.


  • Coffee enemas are used to detoxify the body. Many terminally ill patients,  including those with cancer, have used coffee enemas as an alternative medical  treatment.

Mineral Oil

  • Mineral oil enemas treat fecal impaction. Follow a mineral oil immediately  with sodium phosphate enemas or soapsuds enemas to relieve fecal impaction and  constipation, which is an underlying cause of fecal  impaction.


  • Yogurt enemas are recommended for treating irritable bowel syndrome,  intestinal parasites and mild constipation. Plain yogurt contains live bacteria  that regulate the digestive system and other parts of the body in cases of  disease such as cancer and conditions including  hemorrhoids.


  • Barium enemas are used to improve colon visibility on X-rays during medical  examinations. Single-contrast barium enemas utilize, barium while  double-contrast barium enemas involve administering barium, draining most of the  barium, and  filling the colon with air to see narrowed areas, diverticulitis  and other inflammations in the colon.


  • Soapsuds enemas provide relief of constipation and  cleanse the rectum before  intimate interpersonal relations involving the anorectal region. Use three drops  of gentle hand soap in two quarts of water. Pour the solution in an enema bag or  disposable enema bottle. Administer the solution into the  rectum.

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