DIY-Olive Oil Candles !!

I always find such fun DIY stuff on Pinterest and here is my latest find !! I love candles and mixing my own scents so this works on all my levels of LOVE !! Its easy and unique !! Everything you’ll need to make this candle you should have close at hand and/or should be really simple to get. The wicks are the only thing you might not have, so that might mean a field trip to Micheal’s (or your local arts and crafts shop) !! Here are the directions for making your own Olive oil Candles !!

What you need:

  • Small Jar (small mason or thrift store jar is fine) wide mouth preferred for easy lighting
  • Olive oil
  • Wire or paper clip
  • Wick
  • Essential oil of your choice (Or dried herbs)

Cut the wick a couple inches long. Wrap part of the paper clip wire around one end of the wick. Wrap it tightly enough  that the wick can’t fall down but not so tight that you move the wick up when you need to. Bend the wire so that it hooks on the side of the jar. The wick should be long enough to come partially out of the oil to burn and still have some left in the oil to soak it up. Add your olive oil and essential oils and your done. Quick, easy and Green !! Olive oil burns clean and doesn’t smoke. Enjoy !!

olive oil1oliveoil2



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