Plant Life !!

Everyone should have some kind of interaction with plants. Whether it’s in nature and long walks, growing your own, or welcoming them into your family as house plants. Plants offer stress relief as well as purifying the air and adding nutrients to the foods you cook. I have always had a green thumb, so to add some plants to my house was nothing new to me. I got the kids to help and we adopted two aloe plants. We also started an herb green house that we found for a dollar at the dollar store. We are growing cilantro, basil, thyme and rosemary. We do have other plants in the house that are great for purifying the air, and just bringing a feeling of calm and peace to the house.It is said that the energy and love you put into a plant will help it grow big and strong, and for herbs , that love energy will be passed along to your food.  Invest in a great plant and make your house a sanctuary !! Grow LIFE !! 1067


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