DIY~Frozen Herbs in Oil

I ran across this awesome  idea and had to try it. Having dinner ready when the kids get home is a must, especially since the kids eat so early in the day at school. By the time they get home it is almost six hours since they have eaten. Anyone who has witnessed a ravenous 7-year-old, knows that it is a big deal !! This easy way to freeze herbs makes meals quick, easy and flavorful. Try this with tilapia, salmon, chicken, soups,

Check out this easy recipe

You’ll Need:

Empty Ice cube trays

Zip lock bags

Bundles of fresh herbs from the garden,store or farmers market

Oil of your choice

This recipe is very free form. Meaning that whatever herbs you will need is what you will use. For example, for rosemary chicken , take fresh rosemary, tear into small pieces and put in the ice-cube tray . For baking add Extra virgin olive oil on top of the rosemary. Freeze the concoction for 24 hours, remove from the tray and place in ziplock bags. Put the ziplock bags back into the freezer, laying flat and use as needed. You can use , olive oil, coconut oil, butter, chicken,or vegetable broth to make all kind of wonderful savory meals.




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