DIY-Hair Detangler

Having 3 girls and no detangler is a bad situation in my household. We don’t really use too many hair products but detangler was one we couldn’t do without !! I am an avid label reader and that also goes for hair products, so to know that even the touted “healthy hair products ” had all kinds of unreadable ingredients didn’t sit very well with me. I came across this easy recipe for detangler and was doubtful at first, but it really worked !! My kids have literal “manes” of hair and if it could tame their beautiful manes, it was worth sharing !! To make this easy recipe you’ll need:


Spray bottle 


Distilled water

Aloe vera gel

Essential oil of choice


Mix all the ingredients in your spray bottle. I didn’t measure. I filled the spray bottle 2/3rd of the way full, added the glycerin and about 10 to 15 drops of Aloe Vera. I used the essential oil initially and it irritated my youngest so our next batch was essential oil free. You can add coconut oil or even olive oil if moisture is a problem. Spray liberally onto hair, and comb through.

Shake the bottle well before each use .



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