DIY-Baby Wipes

I love the idea of making my own baby wipes, and its so easy!! You can make these quickly, with components you already have on hand and its inexpensive !! You can add your own essential oils like lavender for calming baby, aloe for diaper rash protection or anything else that will benefit baby. (Always research essential oils to make sure they will be healthy and safe for your little one. To make your own wipes you will need:
1 roll of Bounty (it’s the only one strong enough )

A very sharp knife

1 TBSP Baby wash (Try Dr Bronners Castile Baby wash )

1 TBSP coconut oil

1 Cup hot water (Hot because it will help melt the coconut oil )

1 container to house the paper towels (just big enough for a half roll of paper towels)

To begin you can cut the paper towels in half first or remove the cardboard insert first (whichever is easier for you )

Mix the baby wash, oil and hot water to combine thoroughly

Pour the mixture into your specified container

Add the cut paper towels and leave for at least an hour to make sure they soak up all the mixture

Pull wipes from center




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