Happy New Year to YOU !!!!

As this year comes to a close, I look back on my past year with smiles, laughter, tears and an overwhelming sense of how I will make the coming new year different. I don’t like to make resolutions, but I do make a vision board that puts all my hopes, wishes, and dreams in one place. I know that there are things I need to work on, and I feel that as long as I continue working then I am making progress in the masterpiece that is my life. We are all beautiful pieces of art…in Progress. We get better everyday we awaken, every breath we take. Sometimes life can be hard, but we survive and we come out better and stronger than before. My goal is to shine brightly everyday so that my kids can reflect this shine and so we might spark the shine in someone else. So many people have lost the will to shine, thinking it will get them nowhere,but there is no harm in shining, it is our right as human beings. It is also our right to love ourselves and Love and accept our flaws and the flaws of others. We all have flaws but love of self and others makes those flaws irrelevant in the big scheme of things. If we don’t love ourselves first, then we look out onto the world with skewed vision. We travel the road with people who don’t love us, or themselves , We practice self hating actions (like addiction, hoarding,abuse). At some point we have to realize that before anyone can love us, truly love us….we must first love ourselves. Accept the flaws with grace, Heal the pain with help (professional counseling, journaling,drawing, crying, screaming ) and see the world with fresh eyes. There is beauty all around us from the sunrise and sunset to the laughter of a child and the song of a bird. We are all made with a purpose….find yours…..You are worth it. My blessing for myself and you in the coming New Year is to


Peace Blessings Love and Light EarthStars


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