Years ago as I was studying and experimenting with different holistic approaches to  my personal health I ran across information on Dry Brushing. Basically you brush your skin while it is dry and it removes dead surface skin cells, eliminates toxins by stimulating the blood flow, unclogs your pores and makes it easier for your healthy healing skin treatments (like shea butter) to nourish and moisturize your skin. It also helps to get rid of cellulite (bonus !!!) You can perform this once a day to see all the benefits that it can offer (or up to twice a day if you prefer) Your skin will glow and as the largest organ on our body, perform better. As we go about our daily lives and run into pollutants in the air and toxins we ingest, this is a great way to slough off all the unwanted impurities and start fresh. For the best benefits always brush in the direction of the heart.  When you have finished brushing, follow up with a warm shower or bath , rinse with cool water and apply your favorite moisturizer (again shea butter is awesome !! )

To start you will need……

A natural bristle brush with a long handle (Makes it easier to reach all those hard to reach places like your back )

Starting at the sole of your feet brush gently to cover the entire sole

Gently brush the top of your foot working your way up to the ankle and then the knee.

Starting at knee gently brush up. On the inner thigh use gentle strokes because this is a delicate area.

On outer thigh (where cellulite often appears) brush gently in an upward motion.

Repeat on other leg

Using gentle strokes on the torso making sure to brush over the liver (on the left side of your body under the breast bone) The liver is the bodys detoxifier and dry brushing help to eliminate the toxins

Finish off by brushing the arms and hands always in the direction of your heart

Having a refreshing glass of filtered or distilled water is a great way to make sure you thoroughly rid your body of any excess impurities.


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