Lets Make a Vision Board !!!!

What is a vision board you ask….A vision board is a visualisation tool that helps you reach goals and think positively about your future. A vision board basically consists of a piece of construction paper and magazines, print-outs or written words that have meaning to you. You can cut out the words and pictures from the magazine, write the words etc to make the board a vision of what you want and need from your life. If you look at the board above it is labeled the “Happiness Quest”. This is my own personal board and it is in my room so I can look at it every day. I added words like Free Yourself,Flying High, Find your magic, From Passion to Profit, Stress free and Daily Yoga. I found all these messages that spoke to me in magazines, cut them out and used glue to paste them.Your vision board is a wonderful way to focus on what you want in your life. If words and quotes have more motivating energy for you, add words, if pictures have more motivating energy for you, add pics.

Whatever works to motivate you to your higher purpose is the goal in this project.

I would love to see how your boards turn out !! Feel free to email me your finished projects and I will have a compilation of them towards the end of the year , just in time for New Years and resolutions (If you do that sort of thing !! )

Email me at IsisSwink@gmail.com

Love and Glow Earth Stars !!


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