Detox….YOUR MIND !!

With all the crazy stuff we see on tv, the problems we have with others, with our jobs, with our families. All those things can build up on us emotionally and cause some real problems. It has been researched that emotional problems can cause us physical ailments. For example if you have a problem with alcohol you might be feeling inadequate, or rejecting yourself. Depression can be linked to feelings of hopelessness and anger.  Heart problems can come from a lack of love for yourself and others, dealing with things from a place of anger, not love and an overall joylessness. It is a must that we take the time to clear our minds and emotions of the leftover ectoplasm of past injustices ,pains  and sorrows. I know I am making it sound so easy and I know it is not, but you do have to start somewhere. Take time to meditate once a day. Start out by finding a quiet spot with no distractions. Sit comfortably and repeat a mantra to yourself that will uplift you and remind you of your purpose. You can also just clear your mind of all thoughts and focus on your breathing. This will help to bring you back to your center and recharge your energy which will help fight off the physical ailments. You can also balance your Chakras. They are the energy fields within your body that can sometimes get out of whack and cause issues. The Chakras consist of the Root , Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third eye and Crown. Any blocks in the Chakras can cause dis-ease, fear, or emotional imbalance. When your Chakras are clear and working together, the higher your vibration and the better you feel. To work on your Chakras you can meditate, as well as use corresponding crystals or colors for each chakra. You can place the crystal on the actual location of the chakra and/or meditate on the color for best results.

The root chakra at the base of the tailbone can be cleared with ruby, garnet or obsidian and the color red.

Your sacral chakra located in the pelvis area can be unblocked with carnelian or amber and the color orange.

Your solar plexus is …yep you guessed it located in the solar plexus area and can be unblocked with yellow as well as amber, yellow tourmaline, citrine and topaz.

The heart chakra..again self explanatory can be unblocked with green or pink and aventurine and rose quartz.

 The throat chakras color is sky blue and celestite, aquamarine and crysocola.

The third eye is located in between your eyebrows and can be healed with the color indigo blue, fluorite , and indigo tourmaline.

The crown located at the top of the head can be unblocked with violet or white and with clear quartz.

You can actually buy a chakra stone kit from quickly,easily and my favorite affordably.

If we really care for ourselves we must take the time to really care for ourselves. It is selfish to  not do this. We take the time to help so many others, now is the time to help ourselves. If our well runs dry, how will we be able to give others water. So take the time, breathe deeply, meditate, do yoga, write a mantra to be repeated daily,turn off the tv, enjoy nature, read a great book, smile at yourself in the mirror, enjoy yourself and all your flaws and idiosyncracies….you are unique. Embrace it and Glow with it.


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