Attention LightWorkers !!

If you’re wondering what a Lightworker is or if you are one, I will explain. A Lightworker is a person that has an overwhelming need to do good on this planet. They are people who see the greater good and do what it takes to do it. They will have flaws because that is human nature but the heart and soul are light. You’ve all met someone whom you felt drawn to because of the feeling of calmness, love and,or light that surrounded them. These are the Lightworkers. To you Lightworkers I give my thanks and gratitude for the work you do every day just by being yourselves. To shine in a land of darkness can bring unwanted issues but staying light and bright will see you out the dark every time. Your shining light is encouraging to so many . So stay light ,stay true to who you are, remember your purpose,and stay powered by love.

You are appreciated.

From one Lightworker to another.

For more info on Lightworkers check out


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