OOO Aromatherapy !!

This is the time of year that we stay in doors, instead of going out. We light fires,make soup,watch great movies and enjoy friends and family. It is also a time where people are hustling and bustling with the holidays and forget to take some time for themselves. Well one answer to beating stress is implementing aromatherapy into your home life. Aromatherapy has been around since Egyptian times and was revered for it effects on physical and spiritual well-being.  You can use essential oils in so many places to give yourself a boost or to wind down. For example you can use lavender or rose on your sheets and pillow cases. Lavender is a calming oil, perfect for insomnia or anxiety and rose is an aphrodisiac and mood enhancer. You can add oil to baths , oil burners, showers or humidifiers. If you add an oil such as pine or cedarwood to your logs, you can burn them and they will release the wonderful aroma through your whole home (Sprinkle the oils a couple hours before you burn the logs.) Research the oil that will be perfect for you mood at the time. If you need a boost of energy and confidence try citrus essences such as Lemon, Lemongrass, or Orange. For anxiety try Bergamot, Chamomile, Cypress, Jasmine, Lavender, or Sandalwood. For colds and flu symptoms try Eucalyptus, Tea tree, Cinnamon, or Rosemary. Oils are highly effective and economical. You can treat your whole family just by boiling some water and adding these essential oils. They smell great and will have you feeling better.


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