Essentials everyone should have in their home #1

Black Seed oil. This oil can be used topically or internally and is a great multivitamin and pain reliever. It can be used as an anti-histimine and helps relieve cramps and muscle spasms when massaged into the trouble areas. You can also use black seed oil as a detox because it helps flush out toxins and research shows it can lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation.



Tea Tree oil is a great oil that is used for its immune boosting properties. Its also great for fungal and respiritory infections. You can also eliminate warts and treat sunburns. It is a topical oil only,not to be used internally.
Eucalyptus Oil is a great remedy for colds and flu symptoms. Its vapors are great for breaking up congestion and clearing noses. You can add this to boiling water for household relief or add to shea butter for a chest rub.
Lavender oil is a wonderful smelling oil that is used to calm anxiety and insomnia. It is gentle enough to use on babies and can be placed directly onto wounds and burns to help heal them without scarring. It is a natural anti-biotic and anti-septic and can be massaged into the skin for great benefits. It is not to be used internally .

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